Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian Bribery Probate Court

A review of the preliminary court transcripts to  DOCKETS C1642788 / C1527283  clearly shows that Santa Clara County Sheriff Sergeant Samy Tarazi committed perjury by stating that this campaign stemmed from the fraudulent Markham Plaza eviction by Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian (Docket 112cv226958). The fact of the matter is that this movement was years in the making and several hundreds strong before E.A.H. Housing decided to plunge themselves into the middle of it. These were mostly people coordinating efforts which led to Assembly Bill 937 under Assemblyman Bob Wiekowski.
This had nothing to do with E.A.H. Housing until County Council and the public guardian department persuaded them to put Crittenden’s name on the fake court records to 112cv226958. References to this were removed from documents altered by attorney Ryan Mayberry to fabricate appearance of threat when clearly, no threat was ever made.
These fake records were then used to prevent Mr. Crittenden from providing services to other Markham Plaza residents such as Robert Moss
Santa Clara County Sheriff Detective David Carroll is a dangerous criminal stalker
Santa Clara County Sheriff Detective David Carroll is a dangerous criminal stalker
Detective David Carroll was then dispatched to stalk, harass and terrorize Mr. Crittenden and threaten him not to talk.
Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian had direct financial interest in assembly bill 937 because passage of the bill would hinder his ability to profit from seizure of real estate through the collusive relationship between court department 19 and department 3 – (Honorable Judge Thomas Cain)
Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian was functioning as “Probate court linebacker”, manipulating results of department 19 proceedings in a manner which would effect corresponding proceedings in department 3.
The revenue flow Judge Manoukian would receive from these kickbacks would be directly impacted by passage of this California State assembly bill.
Deputy District attorney Barbara Cathcart was obligated to disclose to the court the fact that Sergeant Samy Tarazi had lied. Failure for her to do so constitutes an act of fraud which will, under no uncertain circumstances, be exposed before hundreds of thousands of people..
“The Truth is like a lion. There is no need to defend it. Set it free and it will defend itself”

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